Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Pics!! We are really close now! PM said Drive will be poured next week!

Master Bathroom


Master Bath


Kitchen Floor


Kloee hiding in the background

The Loft!!

This will be the theater room!!

Kloee Testing out the new Theater Seats! Guess they are comfy!


  1. LOL Kloee looks sooo relaxed in that chair! I guess you now have to purchase them just for her. The house is looking awesome especially the kitchen part. Will they be able to install your lawn before you move in or will that come after?

    Just a few more days then the house is ALL yours!

  2. Our PM said he would wait a week or so after we are in... This works better for us because I want to put some top soil down and Upgrade the seed they use for the hydroseeding.

  3. I love the color you choose for the countertops - it looks great with the cabinets. And I really like the loft area - it looks so bright and airy at the top of your steps!