Thursday, April 21, 2011

Concrete is poured in Basement and Garage>>

PM is going to let us know on Monday if we can lock our rate!!!! I haope he says its ok because I have a feeling the rates are goin to climb again....


  1. NICE!!

    Nononono!! No climbing rates! Not yet!! lol

  2. Faked me out. I missed the part of the Post Heading that said "Garage". Was sitting here scratching my head wondering why the door was about a foot off your basement floor...LOL...I think it is time to go to bed...been a longgggg short week!!!

  3. It looks awesome. I looked at your pic thinking, "I remember when our house looked like that." Congrats

  4. The concrete looks great cannot wait till our house reaches that stage. It has been one week already and our basement still only has a wall. Not much progress has been made. I'm ready for concrete floors.

  5. They did our floors and garage floor prior to the lumbar being delivered this morning.
    I hope it looks like this next week because I am tired of driving by seeing the boring gray foundation.

    This looks good!