Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Approval Letter came today!! We are on schedule for ground breaking!

We got our Approval letter from NVR today..  We are ahead of the game as we already picked our carpet, upgrades, siding colors and guardain wiring.
We stayed with the standard carpet with upgraded padding. We also went with linoleum because we plan to put in ceramic and hard wood floors on our own.
One upgrade I would like to mention is the master bathroom tub upgrade. I decided to do this because it gives you a bigger tub with oval shape and  it also gives you an 80gallon hot water heater. This was a good deal for me as my wife and I get up around the same time a couple times per week.

So far our experience with NVR and Ryan Homes has been perfect! I had some serious reservations after reading some of the horror stories on the web. What I found was there were 30 -40 homebuilders who did not like thier experience or final product. On the positive side of things I found tons of people who were completely  happy with the product and professionalism they received. I would tell anyone that is thinking of building with Ryan Homes to talk to as many people as possible. What I found was a community of very happy Ryan Home owners and I am currently also part of that group.

I will continue to update our adventure as it plays out.  Feel free to ask if you have any questions pertaining to our new homebuilding experience. Let the ground breaking Begin!!


  1. Oh, I wish I would have known that with the bigger tub comes a bigger water heater. I think we would have done that had we known :(

  2. We are also building with Ryan and I have a blog as well. I'll be following yours! Isn't it exciting!

    I took the to the web at first too. Seeing nothing but unsatisfied customers. But then I remembered, people who are satisfied are happy and just move on with life. It's the one's with issues that go on-line. You know?

    My husband's uncle is a builder and his grandfather just got out of the business due to a stroke and failing health. They both said Ryan built good homes. (His uncle wouldn't help us build a home. =/ )

    GL in your journey! Can't wait to read all about it!

  3. Welcome to our Ryan Homes building and blogging community. Feel free to ask tons of questions and share, share, share your thoughts and ideas.

  4. Yea.. The water heater sold me and the Tub sold my Wife! Thanks to everyone and I will be following your blogs as well..

  5. So glad to have another blog to follow...We are also building a Florence in Western New York. Look forward to watching your progress!

  6. How long did it take you to get your acceptance letter?

  7. We started the process on Feb 7 and our acceptance letter came on March 1st. It seems like it takes forever but it was only a day or so over 3 weeks.