Friday, March 18, 2011

Pre-Construction Meeting

We meet our PM today.. His name is Brett Klauss and he was more than helpful during our meeting. Between Brett and Jean (Sale Rep ) I have to say this has been a great experience! Jean seems to always be availible and she always has an answer or gets an answer fast.
Now to the good stuff.... Brett was open to making a few changes and he didnt even charge me! I wanted to move a door in the basement over aprox 2 feet so I could fit our surround sound into the wall. I also wanted to have the recessed lights on multiple switches because half the basement will be a theater room and the other half will be a bar / hang out. He assured me that these would be taken care of and repeatedly told me to call him if I thought of anything else I wanted to move around!
Brett also confirmed our address and our groundbreaking day ( 30th )..
They both seemed to like the idea that I was starting a blog and both agreed to let me post their names during our home build. Its officially time for the fun part to begin.


  1. Congrats. I know the 30th can't get her quick enough fo you. That's great that they're okay with the blog. Our rep knows about it as well and ask if she's made the blog yet, lol

  2. Our pre-construction meeting is in two weeks. I wish it will get here quicker. The wait is excruciating.

    What is your estimated closing date do you have one?

  3. They said we should close around June 14.
    And yes we cant wait!!

  4. WOOHOO!!!! Let the fun begin!

  5. Wow, June 14th is right around the corner its amazing how fast they can put it up! Who knew moving can be fun =)

  6. Congrats! Brett started our development (Stoney Creek) and is filling in for our PM while he's on vacation next week. Hope you have a great experience.